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t me tell you what a a horrible experience I had dealing with this company. I purchased a Automatic Cleaner from website. I based my purchase off the description and photos provided. The product I received was nothing like what was advertised on the website.

The product was for a dirt devil pool boy automatic cleaner listed here - the images were completely wrong, the product that was advertised on the website had a lcd screen and several controls. The model that I received was basic as IS NOW seen. They quickly fixed thier mistake on the website, however still refuse to refund my entire order total. IT WAS THERE FAULT!!!!

I called customer service and spoke to a girl - Kate Bzibziak. after explaining my situation about receiving the wrong product she told me that I would have to pay a restocking fee to return it. now, mind you this was not my mistake it was theirs by advertising a product falsely.

Kate stated that the manufacturer changed the product and that was why I received the wrong product. If the manufacturer changed the model then why was this not refelcted on the website?? Doesn't make sense!!! I was then contacted by the Customer service Manager who seams to be the other girls relative(must be a family owned business) named Judy Bzibziak. After speaking to her I called back and I was then transferred to another girl by the name of Christy Schuh, who then had a supposed technician call me back who claims to have tested the cleaner in their pool and says that there is nothing wrong with the cleaner. NO KIDDING!!! I didn't want the cleaner because what was advertised is not what I received. FALSE ADVERTISING PEOPLE!!!!!!

Now mind you I was never rude, disrespecful or otherwise mean, however Kate Bzibziak was very inconsiderate and was extremely rude on the phone, then the other lady - Judy Bzibziak was even more rude and started to get ridiculous in her claims that I should read the website terms about the "right for them to substiute any product" This is outrageous!!! So if I buy a $300 cleaner they have the right to substitute it with a lesser value one and I have to live with it, because if I don't like it they will charge me a restocking fee!!! What kind of company is this?!?

I would not buy from this website or this company ever again!! I will take my business to other reputable pool supply companies that are honest, respectful and place more emphasis on customer service, as this company simply cares about money nothing more.

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La Jolla, California, United States #972271

We are equally having problems with the customer service from this Pool Supply company. We will definitely look for another company to furnish our pool cover and other products.

Spring Hill, Florida, United States #812859

I purchased a 14x28 12mil diamond solar pool cover from I bought I in April of 2013.

It said it had a 6 year warranty. It is now May 2014 and all of the diamond air bubbles have fallen off of my pool cover. The pool cover lasted 1 year not the 6years it was warranted for. I called and told them the cover only lasted a year and to send me a new one.

They told me it would cost $69.50 for them to send me a new one. I only paid $89.99 the first time.

The pool cover was *** and the warranty was ***. I will never buy anything from this company again.

Troy, Michigan, United States #713324

I bought a pool cover from this company in early august {a winter cover} the one they sent me was not the one that was shown in picture., they said that that was the right one, I will not deal with company again.


Leisure Living Pool Supplies are lying money whores. Horrible company with no ethics. If you return an item that was delivered as a mistake by them, you will pay the shipping and handling to return the item, they will charge you a 20% restocking fee AND charge you the original shipping and handling fee that was originally FREE due to a promo.



I ordered a supreme above ground pool cover $89 and when i got it it was like paper and it also has a three year warranty which i figure if it had a three year warranty the cover would be sturdy,but it wasnt it was a piece of S@#$ i will never order from them again...buyer beware of leisure living. the pool cover at ocean state job lot are ten times better.....

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