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Leisure Living is Fraud I bought apool table in December it was to be delivered in January I recived a phone call that it needed to be rescheduled left on my voicemail and to conact the phone number 951-719-2900 which was temporaly out of service so I went to the Leisure Living Store and it had spa covers blocing the windows so you couldn't see in with a note taped on the door from another customer saying please conact me they had phirchased a spa and some other things and they can't get a hold of anyone either So call The Turko Files so we can get our money back or the Products we have phurchased which are rightfully ours!!

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #365721

I bought a rip stopper pool cover from Leisure Living. The warranty was against any rips for 5 years.

As soon as it came I knew there would be a problem. It was thin as paper. I put it over my pool and it started ripping within a month. I called Leisure Living and spoke to both Kate and Judy.

They said to send them pics, which I did. Their answer was the warranty was void because I installed it wrong. Huh? How do install a pool cover wrong??It goes over the pool, right?

In any event, I could tell by the conversation that they were frauds and will use any excuse to get out of the warranty. By the way, the cover did not come with any instructions nor explanation on what would void the warranty. I only wish I read this website first.

My advise is to never buy anything from Leisure Living. They are a "Fraud" company and a detriment to consumers.


A law suite against the owners of this company will be filed soon for information call me 909 721-0483


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