Waterbury, Vermont

My name is Julieann Barney and I live in Bradford, VT. Three years ago I purchased a very expensive solar reel for our pool.

Well the rod broke and it appears that the inner piece was faulty. As requested by the company I sent them pictures - several times in fact. After they tried to tell me that the solar cover was too heavy - THAT THEY SOLD ME -AT THE SAME TIME we bought the reel, (the sales rep assured me at the time it was not) they then came back and said that the product was not under warranty. Well, it IS!

The product is even advertised in their catalog as having a six year warranty!

I spoke with two customer services reps and sent several emails. When out of frustration I asked them to tell me what replacement parts I needed to order -because we need the reel to work - living in VT we have a very short season - they wrote back saying that I needed to tell them what parts!!

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